Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alex's Weekly Brand Briefing

This is just a new thing I'm going to try to do every week or so. It's just sharing a recap of a few of the things I read this week and found most interesting.

Paul Adams, a Facebook executive talked about the idea of businesses sending ads to the mobile phones of people approaching their locations at a marketing conference recently. He's absolutely right on in saying that marketers who are falling in love with this idea aren't "thinking from a people perspective" and I agree with his assessment that it's "a really stupid idea." However, I disagree with the implied notion that traditional marketing is dying because "people don't listen to businesses."

I found Fast Company's story about the Zac Brown Band's "Eat & Greet" Tour very interesting and think it's a awesome idea for connecting with fans. Amazingly, he prepares dinner for fans before he preforms for them. I think the Zac Brown Band knows that truly memorable experiences may take more work but are often we'll worth the price.

Al Ries discusses why "marketers" have become limited to just making "branding" decisions in his latest AdAge installment.

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