Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alex's Weekly Brand Briefing

Here's what caught my eye this week. And thankfully, it wasn't pepper spray in a line at Wal-Mart.

Patagonia's cyber-Monday/Common Threads Initiative advertisement tells consumer's not to buy. Well, just not to buy a lot. It's an interesting move that will probably get discussed in more detail soon.

Jonathan Salem Baskin
gives some advice to a PR professionals who are looking write a new definition for trade as it struggles to find itself in the digital age. It's insightful and an excellent read as always.

American Airlines pending bankruptcy is going to disrupt their "rebranding" effort. However, rebranding has to happen at the airport, not at an agency. Tough luck for the agency that won't collect on another new silly slogan.

Christoper Skinner
calls for more story and brand building in holiday advertising in a piece for AdAge. While I agree with the message, I think more should have been said on how brands should do this.

Microsoft is rebranding its daily deals line-extension of Bing to MSN. Go figure.

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