Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gatorade's Three for One Strategy Failing

Advertising Age recently published an interesting piece about Gatorade's struggle to reposition its brand into three unique drinks- prime, perform and recover.

According to the article, a big reason that the repositioning hasn't fully taken hold with consumers is because Gatorade's retail partners haven't exactly cooperated with their effort. Gatorade's gripe is that their full line of products have been are scattered throughout the store and not displayed in one place. In the article, Andrea Fairchild, Gatorade's VP of brand marketing laments the fact that "We can't change the entire retail landscape overnight."

Sounds like their trying anyhow. The key they believe is to educate retailers on the products and why they should be sold together.

However, I think consumers still might need educating on the new Gatorade. As a consumer, it difficult to understand why what one Gatorade used to be able to accomplish now requires three different ones.

The line extension strategy cannot work unless the previous branding is undone.

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