Sunday, August 7, 2011

BlackBerry's Get Less Different

The Ontario-based smartphone maker appears to be losing it's heated battle for U.S. market share to competition from Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.

So I think it's interesting to note that BlackBerry is introducing new phones that more closely resemble the competition, as opposed to differentiating them from the competition. BlackBerry is introducing new touch screen only models to attempt to improve it's position with consumers who desire improved internet browsing on their phones.

However, in doing so, BlackBerry is sacrificing a position they dominated. Their keyboard is highly regarded for it's ease of typing, which is something that's commonly said to be sacrificed with the touchscreen typing.

What does everyone think? Do you believe sacrificing their keyboard in order to catch up in internet browsing is a smart branding move in the long run? What other battlefield can BlackBerry own? Also, feel free to share you smartphone experiences for both brands. As always, thank you for reading and sharing your insights.

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