Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Mentality of a Spammer

Well, since I was talking about hockey, here's another one.

Just minutes after the Boston Bruins finished off the Vancouver Canucks in seven games in the Stanley Cup Finals, I received two emails inviting me to buy Bruins championship memorabilia. The team had barely skated off the ice with the cup.

The organizations that sent the spam, the NHL and NBC Sports, clearly don't know my tastes. Or they don't care. If they did, they would know my distaste for the Bruins? They possess the mentality of a spammer.

They're not alone. I try to avoid it, but I too am just as guilty of it. While spam is synonymous with email, the practice of spamming our networks with an impersonal and irrelevant is ingrained in the culture of social media.

The low social acceptability standard that exists within social media has made us even more indifferent to the mindset of people receiving the message as well as what is the best manner to communicate that message.

Consequently, our filters get stronger. More noise means more gets blocked. And there is less attention that our audience can give for everything - even for the truly relevant and important stuff.

Our instincts to spam our stronger than ever. The technology makes it easy to do and it's become more a socially accepted practice. It takes more work to be personal and relevant - but the extra work will be worth it to your brand.

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