Monday, May 30, 2011

What's Good For Hulu Isn't Good For You

News Corporation is going to ask Hulu to increase the number of advertisements it shows during Fox programming. I'm sorry, but someone pinch me because I'm in shock.

The formula is obvious. News Corp. is, rightfully so, in business to make money. In order to make more, they must sell more. It's a pretty easy model that every advertiser-supported business follows. Yet, I think the question of "how many is too many?" is a question that every ad-supported business struggles to answer. Viewers want zero. Businesses want more.

Perhaps you agree, but personally, I love advertising and watching what's going on in business. What I hate is the obnoxious interruption that advertising brings, which is what makes this story so intriguing. From the beginning, Hulu's attitude toward advertising was a bit different; more like a viewer. It understood that people hate the interruption of advertising and has tried to keep the ad load small as well as attempting to make them relevant to the viewer. However, their decision on whether to accommodate News Corp. (who is also a major shareholder) will tell a lot about where this brand is headed in the future.

Unfortunately, I think the answer to such a question is far less intriguing.

This post also appeared on Talent Zoo Media's Beneath The Brand blog.

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