Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trump Brand Buffoonery

Without question, Donald Trump is a very smart guy with an incredible marketing mind. He has never wavered in marrying the Trump name with some very powerful and highly desired characteristics. The Trump name has long stood for uncompromising wealth, power, and luxury. Donald's carefully crafted brand is living proof of the power of focus for a brand. Clearly a man who understands the power of focus, his professional success is undoubtedly reflective of his aptitude and ability.

Of course, there is a personal side to the businessman that is not easily respectable: the qualities of a man that is uncompromisingly brash and bold, spoiled, and arrogant. Trump, like a three year-old, is sustained by the attention of others. So, his conveniently timed gimmick of a possible Presidential campaign during the airing of his struggling reality television series or the distasteful architecture of his pseudo-political warm-up act is the least bit surprising. Nor is that the fact that the drama of misbehaving celebrities in front of cameras is not what it used to be. Naturally, the only fix, in true Trump style, is an even bigger celebrity misbehaving for different set of cameras.

America has been really great for Donald Trump; however, a real political career could be devastating to the Trump brand. The campaign trail would become the unfortunate axis where an unlikeable man and a respected brand collide and become inseparable—posing a real threat to the brand. Instead of lighthearted jabs in a crowded ball room, the one-man reality show will learn what it's really like to have his credentials scrutinized beyond his net worth. He might just find that it's rather humbling.

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