Sunday, March 6, 2011

Proudly Made In The US of... Huh?

The ABC World News with Diane Sawyer recently ran an interesting series to ask its viewers if they knew what items in their homes were made in America. Their public experiment with a family in Texas prompted me to have a discussion with my mom about goods born in American, during which I proudly declared that my New Balance sneakers were created in the good Ole' US of A.

I knew this was true because I remember once having a conversation with a coworker about New Balance shoes being made in America (near their hometown). And I even remember New Balance touting this in a recent patriotic ad campaign .

So, I was more than a little shocked when looked at the inside of my shoes and saw "Made In China" on the tag.

It turns out that only one out of every four New Balance shoes is made by American workers. Furthermore, for the 25 percent that are American, New Balance qualifies American made as 70 percent of the value of the shoe has origins in the States; whereas the Federal Trade Commission guidelines say "the product should contain no- or negligible- foreign content."

I'd like to thank the World News for opening my eyes a bit. There I was, feeling deceived, just like the family in the story that had nothing left in their home except one American made vase.

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