Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Moment of Truth

"The moment everything changed was...__________"

These "I finally hit rock bottom" or "it was then I realized I had arrived" moments are great for newspapers, magazine articles, soundbites and autobiographies. However, that's where their usefulness usually ends.

In reality, great change doesn't often turn on a dime. We oversimplify major events, ideas, practices and long processes into tiny finite moments of truth to achieve two things; make them easier to consume and create a greater impact on the listener. It's an effective marketing tool, albeit a dishonest one.

A more honest story is one with continuous trial and error, working through problems everyday and refusing to let failure be where the story ends.

Don't search for and wait on big moments of truth. Instead, work toward a real solution.

Don't forget this when making your New Year's resolutions or forecasting the future.

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