Friday, November 19, 2010

Deals or No Deals?

The ritualized retail insanity of Black Friday is almost upon us.

It's time to talk deals deals deals, right?. Naturally, big box stores with the means to do so are positioning on price to move product, offering their usual round of super-duper cheap.

You know the drill. Arrive early, fight (maybe literally!) the crowd and you could score a $100 flat screen television, $10 smartphone or new release dvd's for a buck. While supplies last.

Although these eye popping deals are very good at grabbing the holiday headlines, the effectiveness of such a strategy is questionable. Deep discounting can fill a mall parking lot like nothing else; however, the consequence this strategy carries is reinforcing the idea that consumers may be better off waiting. They know there will always be another sale. Additionally, these marketers will find themselves racing to the lowest price. And the grand prize is the the smallest margins.

Avoiding the race requires retailers to be steadfast in keeping their long term vision in sight. Instead of price, they appeal to a different sense of consumer reasoning this season.

Our store has helpful experts serving you. They are passionate and weren't hired two weeks ago. And they will still be here two weeks after Christmas too.

A stress-free shopping experience. We have a perfect tract record of no grandmothers being trampled and can boast zero customer knockouts.

The quality of the gift. Christmas at our store is not about unloading junk. A gift from here is one that lasts. It makes a statement and will be remembered forever. Our stuff is not hitting the clearance rack next week.

Most retailers are not Wal-Mart and Best Buy. They cannot afford sell flat screens for $100. But that doesn't mean they have to be left in the cold this December. Position the brand to be different.

I invite your comments below. Please share any examples of brands not positioning on price this holiday season. As always, thank you for reading and practice safe shopping please.

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