Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is this Denny's?

For the first time in several years, I dined at The Cheesecake Factory last night. And my trip went well. The restaurant was nice, food was good and our server did a great job.

But one thing irked me.

I noticed their menu had changed; not the stuff I could order, but the physical menu. The laminated pages were smaller and bound with a plastic spirally thing. That's okay, but open it up and there is an obnoxious surprise waiting for you. Advertisements! Full Page Ads! In the menu!

HEY YOU, BUY THIS COKE ZERO!!!!! Doesn't it look delicious in 2-D?

Obviously, the decision to treat its menu like a magazine wasn't made with the restaurant's overall brand in mind. "We have a captive audience, we should put an ad there. That's worth something."

It looked very cheap and that's what I will remember most.

Editors Note: I apologize for throwing Denny's under like that. But you understand.


Monica said...

Another thing I find interesting about Cheesecake Factory is that many remember their experience as being overwhelmed by the menu options. They simply offer too much. Although, many remember this negative aspect to their dining experience, it doesn't stop people from going. Is their brand that strong? Is a restaurant that sells premium cheesecake really hitting a niche? Or is it that although the feeling of being overwhelmed is memorable, the satisfaction of the meal and service brings the consumers back?

Alexander said...

You're right in that they don't seem to have a specialty other than their desserts. What I think they do own in that dinner space is large portions.

Funny enough, in the same menu that had ads in it, was a section called "glamburgers." Doesn't seem like a fit to me.