Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Google Follow Up

In February, I questioned Google's brand strategy, contending that it's now lacking a focus on a category. I still believe that.

Reaffirming my argument, Google is pushing to get further into social networking to challenege Facebook for the ad dollars they generate from online games like Farmville. In the article, Google CEO Eric Schmidt explains that "the world doesn't need a copy of the same thing" when asked if the site will resemble Facebook.

But the market segment is the same; one that Facebook and Twitter already dominate.

What if Google put a link to all of its stuff on its main page? It might look something like the picture below.

Google won with focus.


ndfSnow said...

Google has already had their own social network for YEARS! its called Orkut. they dont market it like they do with most of their other platforms because of their extremely steep competition in that segment. Google only heavily markets their segments they believe will succeed at the current time or atleast gain significant market segment upon entry. Surprisingly for Orkut, they have over 90% market share in the social networking medium for Brazil and yet everywhere else in the world its under 5%. Ive had a feeling that they may try to push this segment in the rest of the world in the coming years with all their gmail-buzz integration linking google contacts closer together than ever before, its just one step closer to a complete google socail network. buzz by the way is the Google version of twitter. A very intuitive integration of Orkut into gmail with buzz could work very well! Its very doable for them and ive had a feeling they would tie them together some time in the near future since Orkut is relatively unknown to most people. With Email, chat, buzz (public or private posts), youtube (video posts), picasa (photos), hell even blogger (for those long rants about whatevers on your mind),its all there and its all done in a more in-depth and better way than the facebook alternative. Finally the integration of Google Wave into all of these other features would leave facebook in the dust as far as content goes. They just need a smooth and easy way to transition them all together in a sleek interface to attract, the more general and much larger portion of the social networking market share. But of course since Google is a business they first must find a way to make money from the user base once it is actually developed, but this should prove an easy hurdle for the internet mogul.

ndfSnow said...

That said, i do believe you are correct in saying they're lacking focus because all that integration i mentioned would be key to tie everything together and have a central focus once again.

Alexander said...

Extra Bit from Adage

Alexander said...

I did know about Orkut but I have never used it.

Brands that get into the market first have usually have a huge advantage. They are the standard for which everyone else is measured, and are more popular with large market share just by being the leader. Of course, Google is already an exception to this rule. There were lots of search engines before Google, but they eventually won by being focused and different than the rest, both with more relevant results and easier use.

They will get some people that like everything in one place, but the largest portion of population won't ever try it.

Finally, I think that it's good they aren't marketing this other stuff heavy. That way they can keep owning "internet search."

Thanks for all the Great Insights Eric!