Saturday, May 8, 2010

Loveless in New York?

New York State. It's the State of turmoil.

Maybe that's what they can replace the "I Love New York" tagline with. That's because the dysfunctional state government announced last week that they will no longer be able to fund the campaign due to its financial hell.

I have mixed emotions about this. While it's certainly another sad black eye for the beaten down State, I think at least a cut to the budget is necessary. Across the board cuts are necessary for a state this is overtaxed and yet still is staring at a income statement $9.2 billion (with a B) in the red.

On the other hand, the state needs the new dollars that tourism brings. The question is how to maximize those dollars without overspending in ways they are accustomed to.

Do we really need to dedicate millions to print brochures when there are equally if not more effective ways to share information on the internet and through social media channels?

It's a challenge that requires a new mode of thought. One that believes a worthwhile idea can spread even without breaking the bank. One very powerful way to do this is for residents to show off their home land. Invite your friends to visit.

So as a proud resident of the state of New York, I invite all to come discover New York State. We have beautiful mountains, great lakes, historic villages and vibrant cities.

Finally, I ask my readers to share their thoughts on what the State can do to attract visitors. To the best idea goes a "I Love New York" t shirt.


Mark L said...

Here is my idea, target the 20-35 yr old crowd by having people post videos and pictures of their awesome NY vacation to a dedicated youtube, facebook channel. People would be encuraged to use the I <3 NY theme in the videos. Staff could highlight lesser known attractions in short commercials on TV.

Alexander said...

I like this...I'd be a big fan of user generated content for this because, lets face it, money is tight. Also, users create some of the best most creative stuff too.

Also, if were discussing a target, I would not rule out New Yorkers. Didn't mention this in the post, but lots of people have no idea what's out there to do and also many folks are looking for easier and cheaper vacation options for the summer.

Monica said...

Maybe if there was a reality show filmed in New York targeted to the proper audience (Housewives of NYC doesn't target the right audience for tourism) it would attract visitors. For instance, maybe another Real World New York. Although argueable whether Jersey Shore was a good show or not, I would guess that tourism will peak this summer for that city.