Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Kentucky Derby

To some, it's just a two minute race. "Eh, big deal!"

But to some others, it really is a really big deal. The derby is fancy clothes and big hats. It's spring time and blankets carefully assembled of exactly 554 fresh red roses. The derby is burgoo washed down with mint juleps while in millionaire's row. Its hearing the bugler play the call to the post and singing "My Old Kentucky home" with their neighbors. All it's grandeur help to make the derby "the most exciting two minutes in sport" for these folks.

The Kentucky Derby exemplifies branding at its finest. But even then, the best still hear the words "eh, big deal" all the time.


Monica said...

It's the brand experience that make this brand key. I mean, why else is this race so well-known and others not?

Alexander said...

I agree to an extent; where I disagree somewhat is that a lot of people will have a very different experience.

But I was trying to make two points. The obvious one is that no brand can please everyone nor should they. The second and less obvious one (which is where my original thought for this post came from) is that some products are marketed as an experience, once in a lifetime event and something you tell others about. But others just want to regularly meet expectations.

There isn't one true answer for every product...which was the point I was attempting to make and where the whole idea stemmed from.