Tuesday, April 6, 2010

...Speaking Of Craft Beer

I noticed this on Ad Age yesterday. MillerCoors is introducing a new "craft" beer called Colorado Native, made with "99.8%" ingredients from the State of Colorado (including the packaging).

I know Miller and "craft" don't seem to go together. However, like its predecessor, Colorado Native will be brewed in small batches making it a craft.

However, what I find interesting is how they are launching the new brand: entirely through social and mobile media.

According to Ad Age, every beer label will feature "SnapTag" that "if photographed on a mobile device and e-mailed to a specified phone number, allows the brand to begin a conversation with its drinkers."

Then after age verification, the brand will begin a conversation with the consumer about hobbies, interest and Colorado trivia. Sound complicated?

It is. This marketing tactic doesn't feel like the marketing of "craft" beer but rather a larger Coors label. That disconnect could hurt if they want the image of little fish.

Also, that pond is very full. Colorado Native will have a lot of competition and it will be tough to gain a following without any real points of differentiation.

What do you think? Will this social media efforts encourage word of mouth or just more folks playing with their phone in the bar?

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