Friday, April 9, 2010

She is the Goddess of Victory

I know that you have seen it by now.

Tiger's shamed stare is a stark contrast to the golfer's aggressive gaze we became so accustom to. Then the voice of his late father Earl asks him a familiar question: "Did you learn anything?"

I admit, initially I struggled with the choice of the Earl for the voice-over because he too was known to be unfaithful. Doesn't this return the topic to infidelity? However, where it makes sense is that in most families fathers are the primary disciplinarian and everything about this ad feels like the scolding of a child. He's completely humanized without a hint his superhuman old self. It represents Tiger getting his punishment and finally turning the page.

Like a father standing by their son, Nike never wavered in its commitment to Woods. As I listen to the words "did you learn anything?" I cannot help but think Nike was echoing his father's words. Standing by Tiger will undoubtedly resolve itself to be another victory for the goddess.

Secondly, the timing of the ad is impeccable. By running it prior to the Masters, Nike was afforded the luxury of a small media buy (only purchasing a couple television spots on ESPN and the Golf Channel on Wednesday). Social media did the rest and the buzz is amplified by the ad running at this perfect time.

I understand opinions of the ad are widespread but with a social media strategy that is part the genius of if. Messier issues get discussed a lot more than clean ones and that plays into Nike's hand.

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