Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gatorade Follow Up

A couple months ago I wrote about the trouble Gatorade was in and how they needed to focus their brand. Well, this article from Ad Age this week doesn't sound like focus.

According to the article, "the target consumer has been tweaked to include action sports, surfers and dancers" as opposed to the traditional idea of athlete.

Seems like a great idea. They think they are saying. "check out all the choices you have." However, it implies something different. Why would anyone want the G Series when the G Series Pro implies a higher quality product?

Gatorade Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Robb-O'Hagan said "Instead of focusing on only one hydration product, we're really starting to segment it down and meet different needs for different athletes."

With this new plan, Gatorade hopes to achieve between 4%-6% revenue growth. I do not believe they will. They need focus. Not more products and expansion.

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