Thursday, October 22, 2009

Proper Follow Up

Personally, I believe a good post-sale follow up is one of the most effective marketing tactics anyone can use. That second sale is equally important to the first one and a good follow up goes a long way to earning that second sale.

However, there can be wrong way to follow up on your sale.

This week I took my car to the dealer because I received a recall notice from the manufacturer. I typically take my car there for service just because they send coupons for discount oil changes but I wouldn't say that I am overjoyed by their service- but it's at least serviceable.

Well, suddenly, this dealer became a BIG believer in a follow up. The following day I received a phone call from them asking me about my service. Nice, right? Unfortunately the delivery was not good. Their rep was made to read a horribly generic script, asking questions they should already know the answer to, such as, what type of car was it and why did you come in?

Follow this up with a generic email and a telephone recording and you become annoying not caring. Rather, show your customers care about your product them by following up with relevant, individual connections.

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