Sunday, October 11, 2009

More than Just Not Funny

When it came to creating commercials, Bud Light was King. Their ads were so good that a bunch of them became part of pop culture. My personal favorites are the "Real Men of Genius" ads.

Unfortunately, the brand seems to have lost a bit of it's magic. There new improved Drinkability 2.0 campaign-"Too light, too heavy" commercials leave much to be desire. They're not funny and unimaginative.

Normally, those ads don't do much for me and I just tune out but this ad caught my eye today. It depicts two guys training a dog to speak. However, it ends with a dog driving a car all over the road. For a beer ad! A car all over the road crashing into stuff...Is that really the image we want for a beer ad? Whether you take offense or not, the fact that someone could make the connection is reason enough for the idea to be on the cutting room floor.

The fact that this made it into millions of homes, despite the obvious drunk driving connection, is a clear sign that the marketing folks at Bud Light are lost in their ways.

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