Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Source of Brilliant!

Great idea... Where did it come from?

To me, the best thing about a brilliant idea that can impact the world is that you don't need a Ivy-League education, any special background or even a resume to have one. Truly revolutionary ideas can come from any person walking the planet. I think the only real qualification may be believing that your ideas are great.

A company that believes this is Kodak. Kodak recently held an open audition for great ideas on their blog and the CMO's twitter page, asking for help naming their latest camera, a pocket sized video camera that shoots in high-definition, currently tagged the Zi8. Thousands of believers answered their call.

I found this really cool. Some marketers, who are filled with incredibly outstanding ideas themselves, have trouble recognizing that ideas can come from anywhere. This is only natural. All of us are consumed with our industries, and inevitably end up looking in those commonly visited places in our minds. However, they often come when we step outside of our cluttered minds. Similarly, when one believes they have a great one, it's hard to look at it as anything but. Once an idea is ours, we become immediately partial and ready to defend it.

In this sense I am no different. I entered the name the "Kodak Vita," which by definition means lifelike or a biographical sketch, which in my extremely bias opinion is a perfect for an HD camera.

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