Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mother Approved Fashions?

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about retailer Areopostle catering to the customer (Mom with the checkbook) rather than the consumer (the Jonas Brother loving teenager). The complete article can be read here.

At face value it seems like a great tactic. Wider aisles for a stroller. More places for mom's to plop down while the wait for their kids and staffers are being trained to target mom.

However this tactic could work against them. I want you to think back to your teenage years and how going to the mall with your mom was the lamest activity of all time. Be seen with mom- forget about it. Shop at the stores that mom likes and thinks are cool? Simply out of the question. After all, you are the one who had to wear that to school. While Areopostle has never been the coolest store in the mall in the eyes of teens, catering to the tastes of the 'rents will not score it any more cool points with teens.

As a teenager is there anything more important than the opinion of your peers? I applaud stores like Abercrombie for sticking with their teen-centered store experiences despite the retail cash-crunch.

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