Monday, September 21, 2009

Back from a blogging break

I took a short break from the blog for a few days to work on some other things I have going. I want to thank my friend and digital marketer Dan for putting me on to a great new website about digital marketing and all things viral. I added it to my favorite links on the side of the page.

During my break I had a couple interviews with some public relations people that went really well. I only bring this up because it was a big week for foot in your mouth moments with Kanye and the congressman, followed by President Obama getting "caught" off the record saying Kanye is a Jackass.

By the age of 10 everyone knows not to say or do anything that you wouldn't want printed in the newspaper or spread virally over the net. It's become so ingrained it's a cliche. Yet, somehow we still have these crawl-under-a-rock PR moments all the time.

We are all human. Everyone will at some point in their life make a decision they regret, it happens. The solution is another cliche. It's not how you act, but how you react.

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