Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do sterotypical urban losers sell fast food?

I spent last night tuned into the Major League Baseball All-Star game because I love the game, not looking for any marketing insights, but it turns out I found some.

During a commercial break, a very long (almost 90 second) Taco Bell commercial came on, which can be seen in part here. I was instantly overwhelmed. REALLY TACO BELL!

This commercial is strangely close to this auto-tuned mess delivered by Wendy's. However, it was most likely McDonald's who is the originator of this over-the-top-song concept, releasing this commercial back in 2008. McDonald's however has always focused on an urban demo, featuring your run of the mill "young urban" crowd who are "lovin it" while chillin and breakdancing.

I'm not accusing Taco Bell of ripping off Wendy's or McDonald's because they've done is type of work before. I am however accusing anyone involved in creating (I use that term loosely) or approving these spots of lacking any desire to be original and, you know, "creative". Why does it all look like the same mass-produced fast food ad producing machine that did all this work?

In an article published by Al Reis just last week, he explains why advertising is so mediocre today, and subsequently why we have this phenomenon happening. Those that create the ads, as well as the managers who commission them view advertising in terms of a "accepted standard; people don't want different, they want better."

A message to these brand managers: different is better.

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