Monday, June 1, 2009

Obvious Product Placement

Late last night, I somehow found myself watching the MTV Movie Awards. In typical MTV fashion, the advertising within the show was so blatantly obvious, that I am baffled how a marketing executive could believe that it would even have the chance to effective.

An example was an introduction of an award by a British rapper (complete mind blowing oxymoron) who also happens to be an Orbit gum commercial, who happened to be a sponsor of the event.

Also, the movie Twilight, which won a bunch of awards, also happened to be advertising the Twilight sequel. I would question the integrity of the award, but I don't think there is much integrity to an MTV award to begin with.

Product placement when done right, is a great way to get a product into the show- not in the part the audience Tivo's. However, when products are obviously placed in the program, everything just comes across very forced and akward. Therefore, even though you got your name and logo in the show and it was seen by millions, it's entirely ineffective. The association that they will most likely make with the public is that they are a intrigal cog in our over commercialized and cluttered marketplace.

The whole thing was just hard for me to watch. I think most shows should just completely refrain from product placement- it cheapens the show, the network, and the brand.

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